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Nitpicking... with a God-given Purpose!

​Don’t trust just anyone to put the finishing touches on your thoughtfully written inspirational work. Let me polish your words and make them shine. In providing complete editing services for Christian documents, I’m here to support your project and ensure that when it's presented, it's accurate and error-free. I've worked with local and international authors, students, and businesses in the areas of proofreading and copy editing (also written copyediting). This part of the writing process is absolutely crucial in presenting a professional image.


Maybe you’re not sure what service you need; we’ll figure it out together with a free consultation. I’ll take the time to understand your project and offer helpful advice. You have invested time, energy, and money into your project; why not let a certified expert with a God-given gift apply the finishing touches? Whether you’re working on a fiction or non-fiction manuscript or other documentation that is inspirational in nature, I’m here to ensure your work represents excellence and professionalism.

​Copy Editing: Let Me Elevate Your Writing

Copy editing (also written as copyediting) elevates your project. I’ll sharpen word choice, smooth out rough sentences, and ensure your entire project flows. I’ll also identify areas where you may have strayed from your point or made inaccurate statements. With years of experience, I’m attuned to what a range of readers expect. Let me offer you a leg up on the competition and make your Christian project stand out above the rest.

Light Copy Editing* (starts at US$0.024 per word per round of edits)


Are you fairly confident that your work has been well put together and is only in need of a little ‘tweaking’? If so, then perhaps the light editing option will suit you best. I will identify and correct errors of:

  • grammar

  • punctuation

  • spelling

  • abbreviations

  • consistency

  • hyphenation

Upon request, I will also prepare a unique style sheet for your project in order to optimize consistency and reduce ambiguity.

Heavy Copy Editing* (starts at US$0.05 per word per round of edits)


If you’re convinced that you’re a writer, not an English major – and even if you are an English major – you may need me to do more than just a little ‘tweaking’. For those who choose the heavy copy editing option, I'll complete the light copy editing tasks listed above, as well as identification and correction of the following:

  • errors of diction (choice and use of words)

  • challenges with syntax (order of words)

  • poor transitions

  • wordiness, triteness and redundancy

  • gaps in logic

  • problems with clarity

  • inconsistencies

  • poor phrasing

As with light copy editing, I will create a customized style sheet for your project (upon request).

*Clean-up editing is included. Clean-up editing is work that is done after you have received my edit and made your own adjustments to the manuscript, and wish to have me look at it again with the changes incorporated.

Proofreading: An Important Step


If your work has already been edited, then you will probably be in need of my proofreading services. I’ll be on the lookout for errors involving:

  • formatting

  • word and line spacing

  • typographical errors

  • font(s)

Self-Publishing Consultancy: Let's Get You Published!

Research suggests that as many as 90% of adults want to write a book, yet relatively few would-be writers actually pursue this dream. As an award-winning author, I have traveled the self-publishing route more than 20 times, and I'll hold your hand and walk you through what can be a daunting process.

Our team understands that self-publishing can be a daunting task. Let us hold your hand and guide you through the process. Here are a few steps to consider:

  1. Write your manuscript.

  2. Consult a professional editor like Marsha A. Malcolm

  3. Name your book.

  4. Design your cover, preferably in consultation with a professional, experienced cover designer.

  5. Choose your production and distribution channel(s).

  6. Format your manuscript based on your channel(s).

  7. Purchase the required number of ISBNs.

  8. Print a proof copy.

  9. Upload your eBook.

  10. Market, market, market!


Overwhelmed? Purposeful Author Support can help!

While we can't write your book or market it for you, we can provide you with other services that will help you become a self-published author. žWe will work with you to determine exactly what services you need in order to make your dreams of becoming a published author a success.

Consultancy Packages

Choose our standard consultation package or mix 'n' match our à la carte services.

Here's what one client had to say:

"When I was first told about Marsha Malcolm, I had the impression that I would get my manuscript edited, and then [be] left to figure out, on my own, how to go about being a 'publisher'. To my amazement, I got a totally different treatment! Marsha made so many genuine suggestions about how to promote my book! I did not feel for once, that her links were too good to be shared with me; whatever she knew, she encouraged me to try as well. She definitely held my hand -- going even beyond the call of duty to guide me through the process of finding that publisher within me! I would definitely recommend her to other upcoming authors!"

-- Shaniese Laylor-Bogle, author of When TROUBLES Come... Trust Me, They Will! and How to Overcome Your Enemies

With our guidance, Shaniese went from having a raw, unedited (though well-written) first manuscript and a vague idea of what she wanted to do, to a self-published debut book in only two months! What can we do for you?

Still not sure if self-publishing is right for you? Check out Joanna Penn's blog here.

Our standard package provides exceptional service and covers the following:

  • Copy edit >> Includes one round and clean-up edit of your manuscript up to 20,000 words

  • Cover design >> Our team will design the cover to your specifications. Includes two licensed images*, source file, commercial use and one revision

  • Formatting >> We will format your manuscript for one eBook platform and one print option

  • Proofread >> Our team will proofread the proof copy (paperback/hard back) and spot lingering errors​


* Conditions apply


The Standard Package is worth over US$1,000, but is currently available for only US$750.

Mix 'n' Match

Our Mix 'n' Match Menu includes the same terms stated above and is available for new clients. Simply choose the services you need and we'll create a customized package for you.

  • Light copy edit >> 1 round    >>    US$0.024 per word (that's $24 per 1,000 words)

  • Cover design >> 2 RF images, 1 revision, print & ebook >>   US$150

  • Formatting >> 1 eBook, 1 print version  >>                              US$125  (with up to five images)

  • ISBN >>  for Jamaican residents only  >>                                 US$25 (plus cost of ISBN)

  • Proofread >>                                                                                 US$0.005 per word (that's $5 per 1,000 words)

  • Upload to a single eBook platform >>                                      US$50

  • Upload to a single print platform >>                                         US$50


Your Mind... At Ease


žWe will provide and sign the relevant Non-disclosure Agreements to reassure you that your intellectual property is safe with our team. We will only work with a few self-publishing clients at a time; this will give you the assurance that we are focused on helping you achieve your dream in the shortest time possible.

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