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With no name, no home and no memory, she can only answer to the name given to her—Hope. Her only refuge is in the home of a Christian woman she calls Aunt Ruby.
Aunt Ruby’s nephew Daniel has seen more than his fair share of betrayal, and there’s no way he’s allowing ‘Hope’ to complicate either of their lives.
But with each passing day, Daniel seems to find more and more reasons to fall for her. Will he be willing to fight for her when someone comes to reclaim His Last Hope?


Author Terri Whitmire
"I loved every minute. So good.... Bravo.... This story is one of the best books I've read in a long while."
Robin R.

"A very heart-filled, Holy Spirit-led reading experience. Although it's a work of fiction, I was able to recognize myself in several characters. Thank God for the movement of the Holy Spirit in clarifying and bringing to the surface certain real-life issues and how they might be dealt with. Our Lord and Savior will surely get the glory from this novel."


Nichole J.

"Incredible work! In this exciting Christian contemporary novel, M. A. Malcolm had me hooked from the first page. It's the perfect launch to a successful writing career. She made the authors come alive and readers will fall in love with their personalities. It will impress on them how awesome God is in the lives of ordinary people. It will keep readers dying to get the next book. Thanks so much for a wonderful read."


Cameisha W.

"Intriguing. I couldn't put it down, even when I went to the gym. I was reading it on the treadmill!"


Tracia M.

"The book was riveting from start to finish. It does not offer a cliché storyline but characters whose emotions you feel. It appeals to the spiritual, emotional and realistic aspects of life. I cried gut-wrenching tears and also happy ones. It's a good read and a reminder that God is in control and He places angels in our lives."

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