Autographed eBooks now available!

Yes! You read that correctly. I'm now offering autographed eBooks! I'll 'sign' digital copies of His Last Resort and His Last Hope for you or your gift recipient. Each recipient gets a custom digital version of either His Last Resort or His Last Hope (or BOTH!) to read on their favorite mobile device (phone, eReader, or computer). The best thing is that despite the additional value, these personalized digital copies are currently available for the same price as the regular eBook.

Signed Paperbacks

Offer good while stocks last.

Have you met Max?

Being Max isn’t easy. He’s just so different from every other foal at the farm.  Momma Milly Mare protects her baby and showers him with tons of love, convinced that what makes him different is what makes him special. Sure of his mother’s love, Max still struggles with being stared at by disapproving eyes. When all the other foals find themselves in danger, it’s Max who triumphs and shows them what makes him So very… Max!


So very... Max! explores the idea that the very things that make us 'different' from everyone else are also the things that make us 'special.' While it's not necessarily about people with special needs, it can be seen as an invitation for families to begin a discussion about those who do have special needs. It also encourages readers to learn to love themselves rather than change in order to be like everyone else.