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Is your book club looking for an inspirational read that brings together clean romance; a hint of intrigue; emotional highs and lows, and God-inspired wisdom in one 'unputdownable' novel? His Last Hope might be the perfect choice for you! I'd be thrilled if your book club were to choose my novel for one of your meetings. Want me to drop by your meeting? Wherever your club is in the world, we can arrange a  free 30-minute phone call, Facebook chat, Skype session or Google Hangout so that you can discuss the book with me virtually. I'm also available for local appearances (in Jamaica) if/when my schedule allows. Please connect  with me to start the ball rolling.

I've compiled a few questions you can use at your book club meeting to discuss the issues, themes and characters of my novels.

Discussion Guide for His Last Resort.

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Claire struggled with self-esteem issues as a young lady; how might Robert have adjusted his study of the same scriptures (1 Peter 3:1-12 and 1 Timothy 2:8-10) to encourage women like her instead of discourage them?


Can you think of any scriptures that would encourage a Christian who has been struggling with low self-esteem for a long time?


Aunt Ruby seems to be a real fountain of godly wisdom; what do you think it takes to be able to speak about scripture with such authority? Do you know anyone like Aunt Ruby?


Throughout the first few chapters, Robert displays a distinct ‘holier-than’thou’ attitude. How could that kind of approach affect his future ministry?


Do you think pastors who consider congregants’ feelings before delivering a sermon are ‘watering down’ the importance of a having contrite, repentant spirit? Is it ever appropriate for a pastor to preach a sermon that scares people into repentance? Illustrate your response with examples and scenarios.


Aunt Ruby encourages Claire to read the Bible for herself rather than depend wholly on others to interpret its message for her. To what extent do you believe the average Christian can correctly interpret scriptures for themselves?


Can you think of any popular sayings that are attributed to the Bible, but aren’t actually found within its pages?


What are your views on women wearing makeup? Have your views changed after reading His Last Resort? Why or why not?


The author used opposing views on appearance as a vehicle to focus on a much wider message; what do you think that message was? Can you think of other vehicles the author could have used?


Can you think of real-life examples where people who might not be embraced by the church have used their unexpected gifts to bring glory to God?


What other scripture(s) could the author have used as a central theme for His Last Resort?

Discussion Guide for His Last Hope.
Download the PDF here.



  • In the prologue, Victoria chooses to run away from her immediate problems rather than face them. Is there ever a time when it’s okay to put off solving problems for another time?


  • At the end of chapter two, Aunt Ruby tells the patient with amnesia that God always listens to her. Is there someone you often ask to pray for you when you’re facing difficulty? Do you believe that person has ‘a direct line’ to God? Why or why not?


  • Aunt Ruby suggests that the pregnant woman take the name ‘Hope.’ Can you think of any other suitable names she could have suggested?

  • Daniel set up hidden cameras in his office specifically so he could catch Hope snooping around. Is there ever a time that it’s okay to record someone without their knowledge? Was there anything else Daniel could have done to determine Hope’s honesty?


  • Jasmine loses her baby six months into the pregnancy. Do you know someone who has suffered pregnancy loss? How do you feel about God allowing someone to become pregnant if they are only going to end up losing the baby? What part of Jasmine’s story could you use to encourage someone who has experienced profound loss?


  • Flashbacks reveal that Daniel also suffered a tremendous loss in his life. In what way(s) did his response then differ from Ryan’s response to losing James Lucas? What inspired the differences in their responses?


  • God used Jasmine and Ryan’s heartbreaking experience for His glory. Can you think of a time in your life (or that of someone you know) that God turned a bad situation around for good?


  • The stranger who eventually comes to claim Hope turns out to be her brother. How would things have been different if he had been her husband, fiancé or boyfriend, instead?


  • Maya/Hope tells Daniel that she was raped and that the police did nothing about it. Should she have pursued the issue? How would the outcome of the novel have been different if she had?


  • Maya/Hope reveals that she considered aborting her child when she found out she was pregnant. Is there ever a time when abortion is an acceptable option? Can a woman who has aborted a child ever find complete healing and restoration?


  • Daniel and Maya/Hope agree that amnesia was probably the Lord’s way of protecting Maya’s unborn child. Can you think of any other situation in which the Lord has used or might use difficult circumstances to protect His people?




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