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Marsha A. Malcolm


I provide a range of proofreading and copyediting services customizable to your needs. Whether you just need a fresh set of eyes to catch the little things you or your team may have missed, or someone who will make suggestions about improving various aspects of your work, I'm here to serve you. Choose from the services listed below, or send me an email requesting a free, no obligation consultation, and I'll customize a plan just for your project.


Basic Proofreading (US$0.005 per word)

If your work has already been edited by someone on our team, then you will probably be in need of my proofreading services. I’ll be on the lookout for errors involving:

  • formatting

  • word and line spacing

  • typographical errors

  • font(s)


Light Copyediting* (starts at US$0.024 per word)

Are you fairly confident that your work has been well put together and is only in need of a little ‘tweaking’? If so, then perhaps the light editing option will suit you best. I will identify and correct errors of:

  • grammar

  • punctuation

  • spelling

  • abbreviations

  • consistency

  • hyphenation

I will also prepare a unique style sheet for your project in order to optimize consistency and reduce ambiguity.

Heavy Copyediting* (starts at US$0.05 per word)

If you’re convinced that you’re a writer, not an English major – and even if you are an English major – you may need me to do more than just a little ‘tweaking’. For those who choose the heavy copyediting option, I'll complete the light copyediting tasks listed above, as well as identification and correction of the following:

  • errors of diction (choice and use of words)

  • challenges with syntax (order of words)

  • poor transitions

  • wordiness, triteness and redundancy

  • gaps in logic

  • problems with clarity

  • inconsistencies

  • poor phrasing

As with light copyediting, I will create a customized style sheet for your project.


*Clean-up editing can also be provided at a minimal additional cost for those needing light and heavy copyediting services. Cleanup editing is work that is done after you have received my edit and made your own adjustments to the manuscript, and wish to have me look at it again with the changes incorporated.


Still not sure? Here are a few testimonials from repeat clients.


"Marsha is a pleasure to work with and very meticulous.... She continues to do excellent work. I have worked with her for over a year, and will continue to use her for all my editing needs."

-Terri Whitmire, Published Author


“Marsha has helped For Women to Women to improve the brand's image through services rendered. With an eye for words, she has helped to make content more readable and shareable among our diverse audience.”


- Carey-Lee Dixon, Blogger

"Marsha was professional and an expert. She was a pleasure to work with and I will use her for future projects."

- Ilaya Delaney Brown, Published Author


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