RATES - Editing


In order to provide you with the best possible service, I’ll arrange a free, no obligation consultation to assess your needs. Just send your project details via our NWAP Contact page and I'll customize a package just for you.

Free Consultation

    o Manuscripts 5,000 words and longer: 500-1,000 words free

    o Manuscripts less than 5,000 words: no more than 500 words free

Basic Proofreading

    o US$0.005 per word (equivalent to US$0.50 for every 100 words)

Light Copyediting

    o US$0.015 per word (equivalent to US$1.50 for every 100 words)

Heavy Copyediting

    o US$0.02 per word (equivalent to US$2.00 for every 100 words)

Payment is via PayPal. Specific payment instructions will be given once the details of a project are finalized. Please do not attempt to pay before being asked to do so.

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