Award-Winning Author

M. A. Malcolm


Praise for His Last Resort:


"... I have been truly blessed by reading this powerful story.... God has spoken and readers will be truly blessed by the entire book."
— Nichole

"... a page-turner. Good, clean romance. It delves into the word of God in a way that is relatable to everyday living. The issues are real; it's not just fiction. In my opinion, it is a must-have in any book lover's collection. Appreciated in today's society of moral decline."

— Marsha C.

"Captivating! Riveting! An excellently crafted storyline that adroitly and profoundly expresses the struggles to understand God's will and to live according to His principles. You did it again, M. A. Malcolm!"

— Tracia

"This was my first time reading a Christian romance... and I thoroughly enjoyed the vivid way it was written. There were times I felt the characters were my friends. The book also encourages introspection, which I loved."

— Rochelle