M. A. Malcolm still finds it hard to refer to herself as an author, much less an award-winning, bestselling one! A certified copy editor and former college instructor, she has been interested in writing fiction since her childhood. The lonely, blinking cursors surrounded by stark white space, however, convinced her that writing wasn’t one of her gifts.

Until she had something she was desperate to say.

In the wake of multiple pregnancy losses early in her marriage, she felt led to write something that would help Christian women to deal with similar losses. After several failed attempts to translate her thoughts to the page, she began to write a fictional story line that incorporated some of the painful issues she wanted to address. Soon, it was as if the characters had a life of their own, and she could only accompany them on their journey towards healing and love.


Malcolm’s first novel, His Last Hope: A Contemporary Christian Romance was inspired by the Holy Spirit, whom she refers to as her “Holy Ghostwriter.” Published in 2015, His Last Hope has encouraged its readers to trust God in and through all circumstances, knowing that He is able to work all things together so that His purpose will be served. It was named the Christian Small Publisher 2016 Romance Book of the Year by the Christian Small Publishers Association.

​​His Last Resort, the long-awaited prequel to His Last Hope, was released to rave reviews in March, 2017.  In it, Malcolm explores themes such as the source of true inner beauty and the need for Christians to examine themselves instead of others.


The mother of a rambunctious five-year-old, Malcolm divides her time among her family responsibilities and offering freelance administrative and self-publishing consultancy services from her desk in her native Jamaica. She has fond memories of sleep ;) .